Megadeth co-founder and frontman Dave Mustaine had a recent interview with the Meltdown show and revealed the song that changed his and Megadeth’s life forever.

Here is his statement:

“[1992’s] ‘Symphony of Destruction.’ It was probably one of the biggest songs that we had, ‘Symphony.’ “[1997’s] ‘Trust’ was another big one, but I think that at the time Symphony had come out, we’ve already made a mark with songs like ‘Peace Sells’ and stuff like that.

‘Symphony’ was definitely – that was the one that made us because up until then, we were just another thrash band. When it came out people started taking us seriously.”


“Now you guys are working on a new record right now. I wonder about this: what is it like working on this new album after having won a Grammy at the last record [2016’s ‘Dystopia’]? Did things change?”

Dave Mustaine:

“Well, to be honest, in the back of my mind I keep saying, ‘For as long as it’s as good as ‘Dystopia,’ it’s gonna be good’. I’ve got eight songs written and the guys were supposed to be writing stuff too, so we’ll see just how much music everybody contributes.

I’m hoping to get a lot of music from different players because they have something great to offer, but that’s usually when it’s all said and done.

We send the songs to the management when all of us have taken a look at the tracks and we all decide what songs are the best ones that should be on there.”

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