Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine talked in an interview with 107.7 The Bone Radio. He has revealed what he expect from Grammy Awards in 2020.

He said that ‘heavy metal “deserves” to have another category’ and he’ll fight for it. Here’s the statement:

“I joined the Grammy chapter out in Nashville to address that exact thing. I joined the Grammy chapter because we have one metal category and I think they’ve got a dozen polka categories.

I stopped going to the Grammys because you’d have to sit through, like, 30 Latin jazz records, and then you’d have to sit through another 30 jazz Latin records. And it’s, like, ‘What?’ So a couple of years ago, the guy that produced our record ‘Th1rt3en’, Johnny K, and a couple of other guys at the Grammys tried to get another [heavy metal] category, and they were so close, but it failed.

And I called them up and I said, ‘We’re doing this.’ So 2020, we’re fighting — we’re getting all of the metal labels that we know, we’re trying to get them all together to petition the Grammys to give us another metal category.”

“My record was one of the Top 25 records of the year worldwide for Universal. Don’t tell me that we don’t deserve another category.”

In 2017, Megadeth won the “Best Metal Performance” award at the 59th Grammy Awards, with the title track of their latest album “Dystopia”.

You can listen to the entire interview from below. Click here to read statement via Blabbermouth.