Megadeth founder and also the fronting member of the band, Dave Mustaine, has made recent statements on his own radio program ‘The Dave Mustaine Show’ which is being aired on ‘Gimme Radio’ for some time and talked about the upcoming album of Megadeth.

As you might already follow up, Megadeth members are working on a new album for a while. Back in January, Dave Mustaine has made a Question & Answer with his fans during ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp’ and teased the possible name of the album: ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead.’

According to the recently released episode of The Dave Mustaine Show, the album is almost done and he’s eager to tell his fans which song they have decided to cover for it. He also stated that he got yet another lyric from David Ellefson and he’s about to finish writing it completely.

However, Dave did not give away any information about the release date of the album and how many songs will it feature. All we know is the album is about to be gold and will be released really soon.

Here is what Dave Mustaine said:

“Lyrics, all done. Singing, almost all done. Guitar solos, in the process. And all the other little things that go on the record — the ear candy, the background vocals, the keyboards, and percussion stuff — is also going down as we speak.

We are getting solos sent from Finland by Kiko, which is a really cool thing. And I just got a really cool lyric from David Ellefson sent over. Now it’s my job to finish writing his lyric and make it into a song. And then that is going to be the last lyric on the record.

So I’m pretty stoked. And I can’t wait to tell you what cover song we chose for this record. I’ll tell you soon. I think you’ll get it. I’ve been giving you guys hints for a while. But I haven’t really let anybody know.”

You can listen to the whole episode below.

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