Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine confirmed in his recent Instagram post that the bassist James LoMenzo, a former Megadeth member, will be playing with them on their forthcoming, ‘The Metal Tour of the Year’ with Lamb of God.

As you may remember, David Ellefson parted ways with Megadeth after he was accused of sexual misconduct with an underage girl. Megadeth released a statement after the allegations against Ellefson and stated that Ellefson was no longer a member of the band. Following his departure, fans wondered who would replace him during the band’s upcoming tour.

In August 2021, Dave Mustaine announced on Megadeth’s official website that the former band member James LoMenzo would join the band for ‘The Metal Tour of the Year’ to replace Ellefson. Mustaine stated that he was delighted and excited about the upcoming tour. LoMenzo also added that he could not wait to meet the fans again and perform with the band.

In his recent Instagram post, Dave Mustaine shared two photos with James LoMenzo and celebrated his birthday by wishing him all the best. Then, Mustaine once again confirmed that he will be playing with them in ‘The Metal Tour of the Year’ and expressed that he looks forward to celebrating LoMenzo’s birthday with the fans on the stage. However, whether LoMenzo will appear as the bassist on the upcoming Megadeth album is still unclear.

Dave Mustaine’s Instagram caption read:

“Happy birthday James. With ‘The Metal Tour of the Year’ starting again soon, we’ll celebrate your birthday with the fans! Wishing you all the best, brother.”

You can check out the photos Mustaine shared with LoMenzo below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram