Megadeth’s leader, Dave Mustaine spoke about the being a star and legend in his last interview. He said, the difference between being a good band and being a great band is that all about working with legendary musicians.

In addition to all this, he described himself as “living legend”. He spoke in an interview with Fox News Magazine and said:

“There are tons of people who play music that don’t have the gift. You will see bands consist of a lot of different aggregates – sometimes there’ll be several people that play music but no musicians. Or you’ll have several musicians and… several people who play music and one musician. Or as it continues to go up, we have a bunch of musicians and then you get a star.

Or, in our situation, where we have several stars and somebody that… me being a living legend – and I don’t say this because I believe it, but because of the status and stuff – it’s like, having a bunch of stars and a superstar in a band, it changes things. Not only do people listen differently, but it also gives you a lot of other opportunities for you to reach people and help change their lives.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.