On Twitter, a fan has shared the photo of young Dave Mustaine and tagged him. Megadeth frontman has revealed the tragic story behind that photo.

A Megadeth fan, Alex Guevara, shared this photo:

Dave Mustaine responded:

“Homeless and starving at the time, I still stopped to feed the birds in Central Park. I was grateful someone gave me their gloves. Is there something you are grateful for? Perspective.

I found out the hard way God was all I needed, when I realized he was all I had left. It was a very, very lonely time. That’s why I share this; because if I can do it, why not you too? Have a great day.”

Under that post, a fan wrote:

“I’m grateful for the help and support my friends and family gave me at a time I felt like shit. I thought no one would understand me and the only thing I did was keeping it to myself until that escalated. My parents are amazing people and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

Then, Dave responded.

“Parents that are active in their kids lives “know” when something’s up. The test is if they have the relationship to still speak into their lives. If your parents came up short, make up for it by being a better parent to your kids and break the chain.”

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