In one of his videos on Cameo, Megadeth’s frontman Dave Mustaine celebrated his fan’s 30th birthday. Then the singer recalled the time his wife pulled a trick on him to celebrate his birthday.

Dave Mustaine and Pamela Anne Casselberry tied the knot in 1991 and have two children named Justis and Electa. The couple has been pursuing a happy marriage for a very long time which is quite rare for a rock star who has millions of fans all around the world.

Probably Mustaine and Casselberry have countless memories together, but it seems like one of them is particularly memorable for the frontman, the prank his wife pulled on his 30th birthday. Mustaine stated that his wife wanted him to come to the backyard, saying that their dog cut his leg in an accident.

However, it turned out to be a cruel prank, and the backyard was full of their friends and family to celebrate the day. Mustaine recalled this surprise and shocking party thrown by Casselberry while he was celebrating one of his fans named James’s 30th birthday on a video shared on Cameo.

In Mustaine’s words, he said:

“I remember when I had my 30th birthday. My wife pulled this terrible trick on me and told me that one of my favorite dogs was in the backyard and had cut his leg on one of the sprinklers. So I come running into the backyard. I had just been in kickboxing class, so I’m still in my uniform and everything. I run into the backyard and ‘Surprise.’ There’s a whole bunch of my friends.

Now, granted, I don’t have a lot of friends, so there was just about every single one there. I was so blown away. I was really mad at my wife for teasing me like that, but I got over it. I had been given this killer jacket for my birthday by my sensei, Benny ‘The Jet’. It was a Ukidokan kickboxing team jacket.

So I took it and threw it into my bedroom. Pam and I had white furniture at the time; we were newly married and didn’t realize white furniture is lame. So we put her Doberman in the room too, and it chewed my jacket up. Can you believe that? Oh, I was so mad.”

Dave Mustaine added that Benny ‘The Jet’ gave him an Ukidokan kickboxing team jacket on his birthday at that time, but their Doberman destroyed the present by chewing it. He said that he was furious afterwards.