Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter and model/singer, Electra Mustaine, wanted to celebrate the new year by sharing new posts on her official Instagram account and revealed the video proving her father’s cooking skills.

In the caption of her post, Electra Mustaine talked about how the year 2020 went for the Mustaine family. While explaining what she learned or did in throughout this year, she also shared videos to show them to her followers.

In one of her videos, the Mustaine family was trying to make pretzels, and they called it ‘A Night In Berlin.’ In the video, it can be clearly seen that Dave Mustaine was quite calm and chill as he was making pretzels.

While showing off his unseen talent, Dave also proved once again that he is a perfect father. Additionally, it could be heard that the Mustaine family was listening to the ‘Engel’ song by Rammstein in this special moment.

Here is what Electra Mustaine wrote in the caption of her Instagram post:

“A few more favs…
1 & 2. Theme nights saved the year lol! Tiki night, and ‘A Night in Berlin’ (yes we know Berlin doesn’t make pretzels lol but it sounded nice) where dad roasted us all 😂
3. Tik Tok took over the world…
4. We added some of the best and most badass additions to the fam… 😉💪
5. I learned to paint (+practiced Spanish) with my amigo the talented Maxi Bagnasco!

6. I met my class! And became an ambassador for Humanility ❤️
7. My brother finally got engaged! Angela Cheslock-Justis Mustaine
8. Launched our new collection of House Of Mustaine wines!
9. We crushed our Christmas cookies…
10 …Will happen tonight! 🙂 Happy new year!”

You can check out the post below.