In an interview with Kerrang Radio, Dave Mustaine shared his thoughts on using pre-recorded music for live performances. He stated that a band must be lazy if they can play live but still use pre-recorded songs.

Like many other bands in history, Megadeth has experienced several lineup changes over the years. Mustaine, who also left and returned after an arm injury at one point, recently revealed that they hired James LoMenzo as a permanent bassist. LoMenzo replaced David Ellefson after the sexual harassment accusations he faced last year.

In a recent interview, Dave Mustaine was asked about the bands who used pre-recorded sounds during live concerts. Mustaine stated that it is normal to use additional and different sounds in tracks. However, he talked about the bands being lazy if they wouldn’t perform live without using pre-recorded songs.

Dave Mustaine’s thoughts on musicians who use pre-recorded songs on live shows:

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using supplements for songs and other sounds and stuff like that – if you can’t play them live. If you can play it live, and you’re being fucking lazy. Like whatever just happened a couple of days ago with one of those big bands and the singer. The tape started, and a drummer wasn’t playing or something. You probably heard about that – I can’t remember who it was.

But yeah, we usually don’t have vocals [on tape]. Usually, what we have is a MIDI click track that runs all of our lights and switches, all of our solos and stuff.”

Megadeth also recently announced that the band’s sixteenth studio album, ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!’ will be coming out this fall.

You can watch the interview below.