In 2002, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine suffered a hand injury that may prevent guitar playing. Speaking in an interview with Kelly Vision, he revealed how to treat his hand injury. Here’s the statement:

“The inspiration for that was not wanting to give up because so many people have something that happens to them and they just roll over and die.

To think about all the ideas, all the dreams, all the songs, all the lyrics that would have died with me if I would have rolled over that day and just said ‘That’s it, I can’t play anymore’…

The doctor said, ‘You won’t play guitar anymore.’ He said, ‘You have 80% use of your hand and you will never play guitar again.’

And I said, ‘Watch me!’ I walked out of his office, I got in a plane and I flew from Texas to Arizona and I went and sought out this radical East Indian neurologist who set me up on a 17-month routine of excruciating pain and nerve stuff.

They stick these needles into your arm and blast you with this pulse, your whole body jumps – you’re getting electrocuted. So thank God it wasn’t my brain but my arm got shock therapy. [Laughs]”

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