During a recent conversation on his Gimme Radio show, Megadeth co-founder and lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine, talked about the band’s upcoming album and revealed that they have finished all the vocals and that they just need to work on some of the guitar tracks and solos.

As you know, Megadeth released their latest album ‘Dystopia‘ back at the beginning of 2016. Three years after the release of their fifteenth album, the band members announced that they are going back to the studio. However, the album was set aside after Mustaine was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2019.

Nonetheless, Mustaine now seems to be ready to get back to the studio to finish ‘The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!’ which he had revealed as the album’s provisional title. In his recent interview, Mustaine said that they’re done with all the vocals and that they only have the ‘background vocals and the remaining stuff with solo’ to wrap the record up.

Here’s what Dave Mustaine said during the interview:

“Thankfully, my partner is coming back out to Nashville, and we’re gonna be commencing on some guitar tracks and solos and some ear candy to wrap all that up. We’ve got probably about another… I’ve got one song left to sing, and then another song I’ve got one sentence that I’ve gotta finish.

Other than that, all the vocals are done on this record, and it’ll be time to focus now on background vocals and the remaining stuff with solos and, as we say.”

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