Megadeth’s latest album “Dystopia” was released this year. The song, which was included in the album, was nominated for the “Best Metal Performance” category at the 2017 Grammy Awards. We can say the album is the successful album of this year.

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler was on the record of the Dystopia album. After a few shows with Megadeth, he returned to his original band Lamb of God. Then, Dirk Verbeuren was included in the band instead of Chris Adler in the Dystopia tour. This tour is still going on.

Dave Mustaine spoke about Dirk Verbeuren in an interview with Team Rock and told about his expectations for the new album. He said:

“Now Dirk Verbeuren’s in the band, I’m really looking forward to what’s next. When we get into the rehearsal room, warming up for the shows, and we hear Dirk playing some blast beats, I’m questioning what Megadeth is going to sound like when we make the next record and we have those skull-numbing beats going on.

It’s gonna push my playing to otherworldly limits. I’m excited because I can do the fast metal stuff, but having the chops and musical depth that Kiko has and with Ellefson holding down the fort, I’m really looking forward to the next record. I started thinking about it the day we left the studio after making ‘Dystopia.’ That’s just how I’m wired.

What is the “Blast Beast”?

This drum technique that Dave mentions is really a very special and difficult technique. I would recommend watching the following video.