Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine’s lovely daughter, Electra Mustaine has shared new videos on her official Instagram page, and she broke a public rule.

Electra records an ancient passage filled with remarkable graffiti images. When the camera is moving, we can notice a warning sign that taking photos is forbidden.

Although camera recording or photography is forbidden, Electra Mustaine was breaking the public rule and continued to record videos. She also said that she continued the record it because she liked to expose what was hidden.

Here’s what Electra captioned:

“Lil exploration with meee breaking the no-photos rule… oops!😬 (I live for this stuff though!!! Hidden passages filled with art and secrets!)”

An Instagram user named rich8995 commented and said this:


Another fan named ange0666angie wrote this:

“U are Lucky… the daughter of my hero…GOD blessed you🙌”

See the Instagram videos below.