One of the popular celebrities on social media and also the lovely daughter of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, Electra Mustaine, shared a recent video on her verified Instagram page and shared her unknown side with her followers.

As you might check out the video that we learn that Electra is a pool player at all. Instead, she couldn’t make the shot, we also confirm that Electra is left-handed.

Here is what she wrote on the caption:

(until i lost this game ahem… @stijnvhapert)”

An Instagram user named resmiroach408666 asked:

“Your left handed?”

Electra Mustaine responded and confirmed:


Another follower named gkuhiajr shared his opinion:

“Trying to hustle us Electra Mustaine. 🤔😜 Pool is hella fun to play! Happy Aloha Friday 🤙🏽”

You can watch the video right below.