Megadeath’s lead vocalist Dave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra Mustaine, recently posted a video on her Instagram account and paid tribute to a world-famous TV personality while introducing her followers to the beauty of the wilderness of Los Angeles.

Electra Mustaine is 22 years old and she is a musician and songwriter like her father but also, a successful model. As you might remember, she used to be the co-host of Animal Planet’s TV show, Faithful Friends ‘Itty Bitty Buddy’ segment back in 2009.

Electra recently posted a video of herself describing the ‘wilderness in Los Angeles’ in a way that was similar to a belated TV personality. Steve Irwin was a popular Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and environmentalist who passed away in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.

With her recent interview, Electra paid tribute to Steve Irwin by talking like him and also, reminded her fans of the TV show that she was in when she was just 11 years old. In the video, Electra describes the two owls that she spotted during a dark night and says that they are being poised by the smoke created by the humans inhabiting Los Angeles.

Here’s what Electra says in the video:

“We’ve got two owls over here in the wilderness in Los Angeles, California, USA. We’ve got the black-eyed buck owl who’s got horns and fangs the size of Venus and over here in this tree, there’s a female mating clacker and she’s a quite lovely, absolutely beautiful bird.

If you can count this way, we have a lovely view of Los Angeles and all of the smoke, and all of these human beings are creating and poisoning our poor beautiful owls here. I think we should do something about it. Steven, do you? Have you been injured in an accident? Call 1 800 411 Pain. That’s one 800 411 Pain (don’t actually call this number).”

This is what she wrote in the caption of her video:

RIP Steve Irwin the #GOAT

This goes out to the ones who’ve been there from the start lol! And also ‘inspired by real-life events’—there actually were 3 owls 🦉 that just flew up in these trees while we were up at this lookout!”

You can check out the video that Electra posted on her Instagram account below.