Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra Mustaine, has shared a rare video of herself from the boxing session in the gym via her official Instagram account.

According to Electra Mustaine, she was on her third day of the boxing sessions and as you can see, she looks gorgeous with her sports bra. In the video, Electra is training with her personal coach in the gym that you would never expect.

In a day, the video watched over 3.000 times and this reveals how many fans were stunned by this video. Also, the fans shared their reactions in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Electra Mustaine captioned:

“Switching to #Southpaw… bc truth is, i’m a lefty. 😬 (^day 3🖖🏼)”

A fan named Dave Ha added this comment:

“Literally girl power.🔥”

Another fan named Oscar Simon said:

“That’s what I call hit like a girl (in the most respectful way), got get ’em Electra!”

You can check the post below.