Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s beautiful daughter, Electra Mustaine, had shared a special photo of herself a few weeks ago on her official and verified Instagram.

An Instagram user named Christina Turpin has reacted to the photo of Electra Mustaine and wrote a really hard criticism over the pose of Electra.

Here’s what Christina Turpin commented:

“She’s pretty but too thin. Her nose, sunk in the face… Nah, not drop-dead gorgeous!”

Electra Mustaine saw this comment and talked very hard with Christina:

“@kisstinamarie9874 from one woman to another… 👍🏼 thanks! For YOUR opinion on MY body. I hope you love and cherish your own no matter what others say about it.”

After these all moments, Electra Mustaine has shared a new photo of this event via Instagram Stories and made a statement about told what she lived with her follower.

“For any other girl (or guy) out there who struggles with self-image. No one will view you exactly the way you’d like. The only thing that truly matters is how you choose to feel/love yourself in spite of what others will say about you.

Because they will always have something to say. I love you and believe you are all beautiful and unique.”

You can see all the photos and stories of herself right below.

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