Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s beautiful daughter, Electra Mustaine, has shared a recent photo of herself with her father via her official Instagram page.

The couple has been in Paris for a few days because Megadeth was having some performances in Paris. Electra Mustaine had shared a lot of photos about the concerts via Instagram.

Today, Electra Mustaine has continued to share a new photo of herself with her father on Instagram. In the photo, Electa was singing a song with her father, Dave Mustaine and he accompanied her by playing the guitar.

As you might check out the photo of Electra below, she has captivated her perfect body when she sang on stage. Electra Mustaine has made a short statement about what she felt when she was on the stage.

You can read her statement here:

“…So honored to sing alongside my papa the other night in Paris! Thank you for singing with us!! —He is a true hero to us all! 🖤🇫🇷.”

A user named Adeeb Khan commented:

“Both having fun and laughing with Dave casually holding an f# power chord.

Love u both.”

Another user named Lucas Farquete told an interesting story about himself with Dave Mustaine:

“He’s a great man… One time, the year 2016, winter, I was sleeping in the street and he gave me breakfast. I still remember.” 

You can see the Instagram post right below.