Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s lovely daughter and also a famous social media personality, Electra Mustaine, has shared some special photos of herself with her big brother and Dave’s manager, Justis Mustaine, on her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, Justis Mustaine was celebrating his own 28th birthday, and his family had celebrated his birthday with special messages too.

Electra Mustaine has posted some really rare photos belong to their childhood on her Instagram page and penned down a touching message for celebrating the 28th birthday of her brother.

Here’s the message of Electra:

“LOVE YOU always!! 🖤⚡️👫🏼

I think by now it’s safe to say we’ll never change… so I don’t have to tell you not to!! You’ve always been there when I needed you.

Even when you jumped out of the bunk bed and dislocated your shoulder bc I was getting attacked by bees… lmao. HAPPY BIRTHDAY big brother! 🎂 @justismustaine
Ps… I’m so glad our fur-kids are best friends.🤓”

A user named Aaron Estes commented:

“After what your Dad went through growing up, we can safely say he won and so did you two.”

Another user named Johhny Quinn wrote this message:

“Awesome! I have the same relationship with my little sister!!! It is something special!!!”

You can see the Instagram post right below.