Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter and well-known model, Electra Mustaine, has shared a photo of herself on the official Instagram account and set to mesmerize her 100K followers.

If you check out the picture, you can be amazed by her pure beauty and natural skin. Electra was wearing a leopard print bikini that shows her perfectly shaped body. With a accessorizes like a necklace and sunglasses, her gorgeous body couldn’t be shinier.

As of writing this, Electra’s post reached around 13.000 likes and rising. The fans headed to the comment section to praise her beauty.

Here is what Electra Mustaine said:

“If you’re brave enough to chase me… I promise I’ll run slow! 😘”

A fan named Chris added this comment:

“Running slow is almost the same as walking right? Well somewhat. Well as long as your fingers aren’t crossed I’ll believe you😂”

Another fan named Jackob wrote an interesting comment:

“I love you, but please don’t tell to Dave Mustaine…”

You can check the post below.