Photo Credit: Electra Mustaine - Instagram

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter and talented singer/model, Electra Mustaine, has shared a new video on the official Instagram account and showed off beauty while speaking in foreign languages.

While doing some question and answer sessions on Instagram, two anonymous fans asked Electra if she can speak foreign languages or not. Electra responded to these questions by speaking Spanish and Russian, and she was looking so great with her astonishing beauty.

Here is what Electra Mustaine said about her Russian:

“I’m still just learning basics…”

Electra on her Spanish:

“It’s been years! It was better when I lived in San Diego.”

You can watch the videos below.

Last month, Electra Mustaine has shared another video of herself on the official Instagram account and revealed her unknown talent to her followers.

The community knows Electra from the talent of modeling and singing. Besides that, Electra showed that she can play the piano pretty well and impressed the fans. Click here for the details.