One of the most legendary frontmen of the heavy metal community, Dave Mustaine, is not an active social media user at all.

Instead, his lovely daughter and also musician, Electra Mustaine, continued to share special poses of herself on her verified Instagram page.

As you can see in the photo below, Electra took a close selfie photo while she was spending time at home and mesmerized one more time her followers with her amazing beauty.

Also, she wrote an interesting caption with this photo and explained what she is doing while in the quarantine. Apparently, she’s dancing herself at home and wanted an advice song to dance from her followers.

Here’s what she captioned with it:

“I’ll keep dancing on my own. 😜

What songs are u guys listening torn? I’m gonna add some more to my Rock. Rinse. Repeat. playlist on Spotify!”

An Instagram user named Michael LeRoy commented:

“My playlist is too extensive but I’ll tell you the top three.

Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer.”

Another user named Gage Burk wrote this:

“A lot of The Beatles and a lot of Linkin Park during these quarantine times.”

You can see the photo of her right below.