During a conversation with Full in Bloom, Megadeth’s former producer Randy Burns talked about his experience of making the band’s legendary album ‘Peace Sellsbut Whos Buying?’ and revealed whether Dave Mustaine was actually a co-producer.

As you may recall, ‘Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?’ was released on September 19, 1986, through Capitol Records and it is Megadeath’s second album. This album is often credited as the one that put Megadeth on the map and not only became a thrash metal classic but also, a record that gave prominence to extreme metal.

The album was originally going to be released through Combat records which is why Randy Burns was initially its producer. However, Capitol records then bought the rights of the album and went on to hire a new producer, Paul Lani, to mix it again. However, another credited coproducer aside from Randy Burns and Paul Lani is Dave Mustaine.

In his recent interview, Randy Burns revealed that Mustaine was indeed very involved in the production process of the album. He said that Mustaine had a lot of ideas ‘in terms of just getting the sounds and capturing the band.’ He added that Mustaine also took responsibility to do the arrangements and take care of the instrumentation, which in Burns’ opinion is producing too.

Here’s what Randy Burns said about Dave Mustaine:

“Well, there’s a lot of his ideas on there in terms of just getting the sounds and capturing the band. I think that was really more Casey [McMackin, engineer] and I in terms of the mechanics of doing the recording and producing the recording.

Dave had everything to do with the arrangements, and the instrumentation, and what went where, and that’s producing too, so yeah. I think in terms of the sound it was more Casey, and I think in terms of the arrangements and composition, it was all Dave, he was the guy.”

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