35 years ago today, Metallica released their first album called “Kill ‘Em All”. This album is one of the first thrash metal albums of history.

Four of the tracks in the album were written by Dave Mustaine. Unfortunately, Dave was fired from the band before this album came out.

Dave Mustaine’s son Justis Mustaine shared an Instagram photo on the 35th anniversary of Kill Em All. Justis shared a photo of a t-shirt featuring a modified version of Kill Em All’s cover image and implying that Kill ‘Em All album was written by his father Dave Mustaine. As you can see from below.

He also wrote a statement:

“A fan had this at one of the shows a few years ago, we had to bring it back with us! #Megadeth #Metallica”

Here’s the official credit of Kill ‘Em All album:

1.Hit the LightsJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich4:14
2.The Four HorsemenJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine7:10
3.MotorbreathJames Hetfield3:05
4.Jump in the FireJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine4:39
5.(Anesthesia) Pulling TeethCliff Burton4:18
6.WhiplashJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich4:03
7.Phantom LordJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine4:58
8.No RemorseJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich6:23
9.Seek and DestroyJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich6:51
10.Metal MilitiaJames Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine5:10