Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s son Justis Mustaine has celebrated his father’s Father Days with a special photo on Instagram.

Justis posted an unseen photo of Dave, and wrote:

“Happy Father’s Day pops! I know this picture describes us (you) pretty accurately. I’ve had a life full of laughter from you. One of the best personalities to anyone who truly knows you. You taught me persistence and were never one to give up, always ending up back on your feet.

We have travelled the world together, started a business together, kept a family together and paved a road for myself and Electra. I can’t wait for more to come. Today is for you, you’re one of the greatest dads out there. #1Dad”

A fan responded:

“It’s so encouraging to me that he raised such a cordial & decent son in a world where they’re so endangered. I’m really encouraged and inspired by your family ❤ (and I love that weird statue thingy!)”

See the Instagram post of Justis below.