Skid Row’s Dave Sabo recently joined the Loaded Radio Podcast for an interview during which he remembered the time Skid Row reunited with Sebastian Bach, but it didn’t end up well.

Following Sebastian Bach’s departure in 1996, Rachel Bolan also left the band, and the remaining Skid Row members continued under a different name. Skid Row then re-formed and opened for KISS in 1999 on their farewell tour and released their ‘Thickskin’ in 2003 and ‘Revolutions Per Minute’ in 2006.

The Skid Row fans expected the band to reunite with their iconic frontman Sebastian Bach throughout the years. However, there haven’t been any announcements from the band members about a possible reunion with the singer. In 2019, Bach issued an open invitation to tour with Skid Row, but Sabo declined this offer.

In an interview with Loaded Radio, the host asked Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo whether he is tired of getting asked about a reunion with Sebastian Bach. As a response, Sabo said it had been 23 years since they reformed the band, and they attempted to reunite with Bach in 2016.

However, according to Sabo, this attempt didn’t feel so good for them, and they had communication issues. Moreover, the guitarist said he is pretty happy about their current place in the rock scene. He then added that he is proud of Skid Row’s past and every member who contributed to their success as it led to where they are now.

During the conversation, Scott Penfold asked Dave Sabo the following:

“Is it got to the point now where you’ve just gotten sick and tired of people asking you about a reunion with Sebastian of any sort, or are you getting sick of the money offers? How do you feel about it at this point?”

Sabo then explained:

“Well, it’s been 23 years, so to say that I’m over it would be an understatement. We attempted a reunion slightly back in 2016. We dipped our toes in the water and realized that it didn’t feel so good. It’s just one of those things where we still could not see eye to eye; we couldn’t even get past the point of simple texting.

I am really, really happy where we are. I’m very proud of our past, and all due credit to everybody who’s been involved in every aspect of our career, whoever that may be, ’cause it all led to where we are now.”

You can watch the full interview below.