The Beatles legend John Lennon’s official Instagram account shared the details of the ‘John Lennon and David Bowie’ picture that taken in Hong Kong and revealed what happened in the latest meeting of these legends.

In the caption, the admin of the page used the words of David, describing the last time he saw John Lennon. David stated that they met John in Hong Kong, and they went to the market.

Afterward, they saw a stall that sold old clothes, and there was a Beatles jacket on the stall. David asked John to put that jacket on just for taking pictures and said that the jacket didn’t fit for John.

Here is what David Bowie said about the latest meeting with John Lennon:

“Last time I saw John Lennon was in Hong Kong, we went to a Hong Kong market and there was a stall that sold old clothes and there was a Beatles jacket on the stall, and I did something that is not usually in my character.

I asked him to put it on, so that I could take a photograph. I took a photograph, and I still got the photograph. The jacket doesn’t fit properly, it looks like John has outgrown it.”

A fan named Jack added this comment:

“I’ve never seen this photo!”

Another fan named Lily wrote:

“Oh I didn’t know John was the original to do the T pose. 😂”

You can check out the post below.