Famous movie director and the beloved son of David Bowie, Duncan Jones recently had a Twitter conversation with another user and revealed an untold argument story between Freddie Mercury and his dad.

Everything started with Eric Schmeltzer’s tweet.

He said:

“The French know what this looks like. The French posted it, anyway. The French are saying she didn’t belong there.”

Duncan Jones responded and told the story:

 “I understand where Ivanka is coming from…

Reminds me of that afternoon I wandered up to my dad and Freddie Mercury who was in a furious argument, & I solved it by telling them their new song just needed a car chase!

Kids will negotiate the darndest things!”

You can see the tweets below.

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This month, we published an article about how Freddie Mercury had a fight several times with English star David Bowie and they locked horns in 1982.

Here is what Brian said:

“It wasn’t easy because we were all precocious boys and David was very… forceful, yes. Freddie and David locked horns, without a doubt. But those are the things that happen in a studio, that’s when the sparks fly and that’s why it turned out so great.”

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