Deep Purple and Whitesnake icon David Coverdale recently sold his music catalog, consisting of 50 years worth of music, which Round Hill Music now owns.

Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, selling music catalogs has become a wise and advantageous move for a musician. With the pandemic and the increase in the use of streaming platforms, music creators went through a difficult time and had to create new ways to earn money.

The most saddening story about not earning enough from their music probably came from the CSNY icon David Crosby. After years of creating music and entertaining his fans, the musician faced the risk of losing his house when the live shows came to a halt, and streaming platforms didn’t pay even close to what they should. The musician decide to sell the rights to his music so that he doesn’t end up on the street.

Other musicians were luckier than him, they had the leisure to choose between selling or keeping the rights, but most people like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Wilson, and David Bowie estate moved fast but steady to sell their rights. Springsteen is known to have the most expensive catalog, as he sold the rights to Sony Music for $500.

Quite recently, Heart’s Nancy Wilson sold her catalog to Round Hill Music and it seems like David Coverdale was ready to take the same step as he sold his catalog to the same company in hopes of continuity for his music in the future. He commented on the decision by stating that he is thrilled and looking forward to working with the company to ensure his legacy lives on.

Here is what Coverdale said about the experience:

“I am thrilled beyond words to joyfully announce that my existing catalog of works, both songs and master recordings, which I have been involved in creating for over 50 years, is now in exceptionally safe hands with the fine people at Round Hill. I look forward immensely to working together with Josh Gruss and all at Round Hill to ensure the legacy of my existing works for future generations to enjoy.”

Coverdale’s catalog consists of five solo and three studio albums with Deep Purple, and thirteen with Whitesnake. Although it’s a great amount of work, their price hasn’t been reported to the public yet.