Whitesnake founder David Coverdale shared a post on the band’s Instagram to announce that they will not be able to perform in Milan, Vienna, and perhaps Zagreb.

Coverdale, who gained fame as the lead vocalist of Deep Purple, decided to leave the group due to personal problems within the band. There was too much turmoil and pervasive substance abuse among the band members, so Coverdale left the band and formed Whitesnake.

The frontman founded the band in 1978 and experienced many lineup changes. Still, they’ve managed to stay together for many years. They have recently started the European leg of the Farewell Tour, which will continue with the US dates.

The band recently shared on Instagram that they had to cancel their show, which was part of their European Farewell Tour in Milan, Vienna, and perhaps Zagreb, due to some complications experienced by several group members.

First, fans found out Reb Beach was sick, then Tommy Aldridge, so they couldn’t play at the Rock Imperium Festival. Currently, Coverdale informed their fans that he has a sinus and tracheal infection, so the shows had to be canceled. They also apologized to their fans and assured them they would be back on stage as soon as possible.

The IG caption of David Coverdale’s Whitesnake post follows:

“Dear Whitesnake fans around the world:

We have been rocking our way across the globe on the first part of our Farewell Tour, giving all we’ve got to you, the fans. The rigors of the road are the same for all of us; we have been trying to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Unfortunately, we have been hit recently with a couple of situations that we have been dealing with the best we can. First, our beloved band leader Reb Beach went down temporarily, and he missed a couple of shows while he mended (and is much better now, by the way).

Then the rock of our band, the Legendary Tommy Aldridge, went down, and we, unfortunately, were not able to play the Rock Imperium Festival in Cartagena this past Saturday (very regrettable, and all apologies to our Spanish fans and friends).

Tommy was bad enough at the time to have missed the first show ever in his career. The GOOD news is that he is feeling better and is anxious to get back out there to perform for all of you.”

They added:

“Unfortunately, I have now been hit hard as well. I started feeling a bit under the weather two days ago and was just diagnosed with an infection of the sinus & trachea. The doctor recommends five days of no singing and bed rest. Sadly, that means that we are not going to be able to do the upcoming shows in Milan, Vienna and a decision on Zagreb is about to be made.

I’m very sorry to all the fans who had planned to come to see our Farewell Tour in each of those cities. It’s my intention to get better as soon as possible and be able to pick up with the remaining shows of the European Farewell Tour. You are all in our hearts!”

You can see Whitesnake’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Whitesnake – Instagram