The founder of the popular English rock band Whitesnake, David Coverdale, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that his son has officially overcome the illness that he’s been fighting against for 72 days, and thanked the medical staff of his hospital for taking such good care of him.

David Coverdale, who is known for his successful career with Deep Purple and Whitesnake, has been going through a tough couple of months with his family. As you may recall, at the beginning of January, Coverdale had made it to our headlines with his announcement considering his son’s successful surgical procedure.

In early December 2020, Jasper Coverdale was diagnosed with an intense version of bacterial pneumonia. As his health status kept deteriorating, he had to be taken to the hospital, which is where he spent all of the holiday season. However, Jasper didn’t give up, decided to fight back, and underwent a risky surgical procedure that was successful.

Approximately ten days ago, Jasper posted a photo on his Instagram account and opened up about the emotionally draining experience that he has been going through for over two months. He thanked everyone who supported him while he spent 72 days ‘in an apparent hell’ and said that the doctors told him he’s no longer in danger.

Just some hours ago, David Coverdale also posted a similar message and happily announced that the results of his tests came back this morning and that he received a ‘clean bill.’ He thanked everyone for their immense support while applauding the medical staff that took ‘such exceptionally good care of him.’

Here’s what David Coverdale said in his recent tweet:

“Amazing news to share! Jasper received a clean bill of health this morning! Thank you all for your good wishes & prayers for our boy & thank you so very much to ALL the doctors & nurses at RENOWN, Reno for taking such exceptionally good care of him!!!”

You can check out David Coverdale’s recent tweet below.