David Crosby showed his humoristic side in a recent tweet on his Twitter account by sharing his reaction to a fan whose album order got canceled. In the tweet, he suggested the fan beat up Amazon.

David Crosby released his latest record, ‘For Free’ back in July. The album is his eighth studio album that is featuring a total of ten songs with a 37-minute length. After the release, ‘For Free’ received generally positive reviews from critics and David’s fans.

According to a tweet by one of David Crosby’s fans, he ordered the record via Amazon. However, Amazon canceled his order without informing him about the situation. Following this unfortunate event, the fan tried to reach out to David Crosby to ask him what he should do.

Even though it is David’s record, he has nothing to do with the order or the delivery. According to his recent tweet, the musician wanted to be sarcastic about the situation to express that.

After his fan told him about the cancelation of the order, David suggested this fan ‘beat up Amazon’ to receive the record. His response entertained most of his followers and showed why people love the iconic musician so much.

One of the fans called out David in a tweet:

“David, amazon canceled order for the latest album. How do I get it?”

David Crosby then replied:

Beat up on Amazon.

You can check out the tweets below.