David Crosby, the iconic founding member of Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and got more specific about his previous claim considering his views on Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

As you probably know, Crosby is an active social media user and it would be safe to say that the 79-year-old rock musician has now become a social media personality. Crosby often uses his Twitter account to share his personal views on social and political matters, talk about music, and interact with his fans.

Crosby is often asked to share his views about legendary bands such as Pink Floyd and give details about his interactions with band members. Over a month ago, Crosby was asked whether he likes Pink Floyd, to which he had responded with a strong yes and added that he is a huge fan of Gilmour.

When a follower commented that Roger Waters is the mastermind behind Pink Floyd, Crosby had said that he disagrees. Even though some fans got all the answers they needed from this Twitter thread, it seems like some of Crosby’s followers wanted to clarify what he meant.

Thus, recently, one of Crosby’s followers tagged him in a tweet saying that he knows Crosby thinks well of Gilmour but asked what his experience with Roger Waters was. It seems like Crosby didn’t want to get into his experience as it was probably a bad one.

His response was a simple ‘I’d rather not say‘ which in itself said a lot. His tweet received numerous responses from his followers. Some of them questioned what’s wrong with Waters while others said that they agree with him and that they have heard bad things too.

The user who asked the question responded by saying that he hasn’t heard good things either. However, it seems like he respects Crosby’s opinion as he said that he was hoping that he heard wrong and Crosby would clarify the situation about Waters.

Here’s what Crosby’s follower asked him on Twitter:

“I know you have a good opinion of David Gilmour but how was your experience with Roger Waters?”

To which Crosby responded:

“I’d rather not say.”

The follower responded to Crosby’s answer by saying:

“I haven’t heard great things, but I was hoping maybe I heard wrong.”

You can check out the response that David Crosby posted on his Twitter account below.