On social media, the co-founding member of Byrds & Crosby and Stills & Nash, David Crosby responded to a fan’s comment calling him a ‘wealth retired rockstar’ and revealed he wasn’t wealthy at all.

The 79-year-old rock musician David Crosby has been an active user of his Twitter account often sharing his personal opinions on social and political matters in the United States. David also often responds to the questions or comments of the fans wondering rarely known facts about his life and music career.

Recently on Twitter, David Crosby posted the photo of bowls of tomatoes possibly picked up from his own garden. In the comment section of his tweet, a fan claimed that David probably didn’t grow them by himself, yet if he did, it was only because he had more free time than other people as a rich retired rockstar.

Here’s what the fan named Marcel Rambo stated in his comment:

“Not sure if he grew them? But even if he did he’s a wealthy retired rockstar he probably has a little more free time than us

As a response to the fan’s claims, David Crosby revealed the truth about his much-wondered financial status. David stated that the fan was wrong in all three pieces of information he provided; because he was not rich, definitely not retired, and not a rockstar.

Here’s David Crosby’s reply to the fan’s statement:

“Not wealthy …not retired …not a rockstar ….that’s 3 strikes

You can see the tweet posted by David Crosby on his Twitter account below.