The iconic vocalist and founding member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby has publicly admitted that he’s the most creative when high and wrote some of the best songs in his career during these times.

As you know, the veteran rock and folk singer, David Crosby, is one of the most outspoken musicians on social media about his drug usage, both in the past and today.

About a month ago, Crosby has posted a selfie on Twitter while smoking marijuana and admitted that he returned to this quite old habit of him after fourteen years. Moreover, he’s come up with a suggestion, about drugs again, to Joe Biden to win the upcoming elections.

David Crosby explained that he thinks Biden would win the presidency if he’d come out for federal legalization of cannabis. In this way, he’d get millions of young people voting for him and win by a landslide, Crosby added.

Most recently, during a Q&A session on Twitter, he was asked by one of his fans, whose name is Sam, if he wrote some of his best songs while he was high. Without hesitation, David Crosby confirmed he wrote all of them in that state of mind and turned this big myth into a reality.

Here’s what the follower of Crosby, whose name is Sam, asked him:

“Is it true you wrote some of your best songs while you were high?”

David Crosby responded as:

All of them.”

You can see the tweets below.