Byrds and Crosby and Stills & Nash guitarist David Crosby made another Q&A session via his official Twitter account and revealed that he will be releasing a new album in near future.

As you may know, the 79-years-old rock musician David Crosby has been using his Twitter account quite actively to share his personal opinions on certain social and political issues as well as the other musicians and bands.

Recently, Crosby responded to a fan’s question on Twitter asking whether he had a plan to release new music with his band CPR. In his response, David stated that CPR actually consisted of him and James Raymond when it comes to working on records.

Additionally, he mentioned that now they would like to call themselves Skytrails Band and revealed that they actually finished a new album. Apparently, Crosby is getting ready to release his new music in near future and even unveiled the name of the upcoming album for his dear followers, ‘For Free.’

However, the album is not gonna be released as soon as everybody thinks. According to Crosby, ‘For Free’ is expected to be released after Christmas. With this announcement, he made his fans really excited.

One of Crosby’s fans asked:

“Hi David, is there a chance of CPR making a new record? Still love both albums!”

Here is what David Crosby stated in his reply:

“CPR is basically myself and James when it comes to making records. Now known as the Skytrails Band and we just finished one… It’s going to be out soon and I think it’s called For Free.”

Another fan asked about the release date of the album:

“Can’t wait – will it be out before Christmas?”

David Crosby replied:

No, but soon.”

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