One of the most famous singers of all time and also the founder of Byrds & Crosby and Stills & Nash, David Crosby, has sent a recent tweet on his official page and criticized his old friend and producer, Gary Usher.

As the die-hard rock music fans will remember, Gary Usher worked with Byrds’ single named Lady Friend and according to the latest tweet of David Crosby, he was not satisfied with Usher’s work.

After a David Crosby fan named Casey asked why he did not like working with Usher, Crosby claimed that Gary is not a good producer at all. However, Casey has posted yet another tweet and stated that he’s a fan of songs like ‘Lady Friend’ and ‘Rock n Roll Star’ which were produced by Gary Usher.

Casey wrote this first:

“Yo David Crosby, why didn’t you like working with Gary Usher?”

David Crosby responded:

“Wasn’t a good producer.”

Casey responded back and shared his opinion:

Oh come on! RocknRoll Star and Lady Friend sound fantastic!

You can check out the tweets below.