The vocalist of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby posted a tweet about the people suffering from low income in the U.S. and revealed he would pray for them even though he almost never does.

As you may know, since the very beginning of his music career, David Crosby has been politically active. The 79-year-old rock musician is an active user of his Twitter account often sharing his personal opinions on social and political matters in the United States.

Crosby has been openly criticizing the actions and statements of the current president Donald Trump, whom he previously declared as a ‘dangerous guy who has got a big ego.’ As he often criticizes the President’s poor management during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the country which affected many people’s income status in a bad way.

Recently on Twitter, David Crosby posted a tweet about how terrible he felt when he thought about those people who were scared not to be able to provide the basic needs of their family. David mentioned that although he wasn’t a person who often prayed, he thought he needed to do this time considering all the suffering of fellow citizens during these challenging days.

Here’s what David Crosby stated in his tweet:

I don’t usually pray… But when I think about how many fellow humans beings are scared tonight… Scared they can’t feed their kids… Pay the rent desperate to scrape up something to give to their mom who called tonight crying… I’m not inventing this shit.”

You can see the tweet posted by David Crosby on his official Twitter account below.