The vocalist and founding member of the legendary rock band The Byrds, David Crosby has responded to a question of his fan on Twitter and given the news that he may go on a tour next summer if the coronavirus disappears.

Quite an active musician on Twitter, David Crosby has been doing lots of Q&A sessions and proving the fact that he’s extremely outspoken about many issues such as politics, friends, and habits of himself.

Also talking about his future plans and musical activities, Crosby has answered one of the most wondered questions about him lately. A fan of him, whose name is Jack, asked if he is going to tour again after the Covid-19.

David Crosby said that it depends on how fast they can get a medicine working for the virus and he is booked for the next summer. He added that if he can’t accomplish his plans for the next summer, he thinks that will be it then.

As you may recall, Crosby was on the road all across the US for a solo tour last year. He was backed by his ‘Sky Trails‘ band, which includes keyboardist James Raymond, bassist Mai Leisz, drummer Steve DiStanislao, guitarist Jeff Pevar, and keyboardist/singer Michelle Willis.

He announced in May that he postponed his 2020 tour due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The team of Crosby stated that they are already in the process of rescheduling all the shows, and they will contact the fans once there is more information to share.

Here is what the fan of Crosby, whose name is Jack, asked on Twitter:

“Are you going to tour again after Covid?”

David Crosby responded as:

“Depends on how fast they can get a med working… I am booked next summer… We have doubts about it… If we can’t do it next summer I think that will be it then…. Probably….. Hard to look at.”

You can see the tweets below.