David Crosby, the vocalist, and co-founder of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, has got involved in a conversation about the health status of the legendary rock and blues guitarist, Eric Clapton while explaining why he, himself, is slowly losing the ability to play guitar.

During one of his famous Q&A sessions on Twitter, in which he opens up about the politics, his friendships with some of the rock legends in the industry, his own health status, and the most controversial issue about himself, his drug usage, the iconic musician, David Crosby, revealed the problem impeding his playing.

Most recently, Crosby has been asked if he has those fine motor skills still, what was the reason impeding his playing, and is there a tendon preventing pressure on strings. The great rock veteran said that he has the trigger finger in both hands and, thereby, losing the ability to play day by day.

Soon after Crosby responded to the question about himself, he was driven into another topic by some other fan who commented about the British legend, Eric Clapton. The follower of Crosby, whose name is Constance, said that Clapton has peripheral neuropathy, so it’s doubtful if he can play anymore either.

David Crosby answered his fan with another question, asking if Eric Clapton is diabetic. Though it seemed weird at first sight, the long-lasted conversation between Crosby and his fan aroused interest among the other followers.

A few tweets later, David Crosby has shared an informative statement about diabetics. He said that diabetics can’t take steroids really unless it’s sort of life and death. He continued by indicating that steroids blow blood sugars through the roof.

As you may remember, the legendary guitarist, Eric Clapton, has unveiled that he’s been dealing with several health issues for a while back in June this year. During an interview, he admitted that he wonders if people will come along and see him just because he’s going deaf and his hands just about work. The only thing he’s concerned with now is being in his seventies and being able to be proficient, Clapton added.

Here’s what the fan of Crosby asked him about his health status:

“I have a question but I don’t want to give offense, and it probably stems from the fact that I don’t play the guitar (any instrument, really), if you have those fine motor skills still, what was the problem impeding your playing? A tendon preventing pressure on strongs?”

Crosby responded as:

“Tendonitis. Both hands. It’s called a trigger finger. And yes I am slowly losing the ability to play.”

Another fan, whose name is Constance, commented on Crosby’s tweet as:

“I think Clapton has peripheral neuropathy. Not sure he can play anymore either.”

David Crosby asked his fan:

“Is he diabetic?”

Later on, Crosby tweeted about diabetics and said:

“Just so you know. Diabetics can’t take steroids really unless it’s sort of life and death. Steroids blow our blood sugars through the roof.”

You can see the tweets below.