The legendary American singer who is also the founding member of both Stills & Nash, ‘Byrds and Crosby’, David Crosby, has posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and split the fans into two while talking about masks.

As most of the celebrities in the community warn their fans’ to wear masks due to coronavirus outbreak, some of them are also careless and do not even care about wearing masks to prevent the COVID-19.

It seems that the legendary star David Crosby is one of the musicians who does not want to wear a mask and he has mocked the people who do with a funny joke.

Here is what David Crosby wrote on his latest tweet:

I heard from a friend who wore a mask for 11 minutes and finally lost his virginity.”

As the whole fans may recall, Croz had to reschedule his upcoming tour due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic back in May. Even in that statement, Croz did not talk about wearing a mask.

The official announcement was that:

“The safety and wellbeing of the fans is our paramount concern and with his in mind, we had to take this decision. We are already in the process of rescheduling all these shows and we should have news regarding this very soon.

For those of you who bought tickets, thank you and please be patient and hold on to them for now as they will all be valid for the new dates! The venues and the ticket agents will contact you once there is more information to share.

Everyone keep washing your hands, observe social distancing, cough into your elbows, and be safe!”

Here is the tweet he sent today: