The co-founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds, David Crosby, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account considering the efficiency of unions, due to which he received a lot of criticism from his followers.

Aside from a famous rockstar, Crosby is also a well-known social media personality. He often enjoys using his Twitter account to share his views on social and political matters, discuss rock music and musicians, and interact with his fans. Crosby has never shied away from expressing controversial views, and he apparently had a lot to say about the unions within the music industry which has been impacted by the outbreak of the pandemic.

As you may have heard, the National Labor Relations Board spotted that Tesla engaged in union-busting, and following that, Elon Musk was ordered to delete his anti-union message from his Twitter account. After receiving the news, a fan asked Crosby what he thinks about this, to which Crosby responded by saying that he likes Elon Musk as he’s trying to use alternative and sustainable sources of energy.

This sparked a series of negative comments directed towards Crosby, one of which said that the only reason he doesn’t care about unions is that he ‘hit the lottery‘ in his 20s. To this, Crosby responded by saying that he’s been in a union during his whole career and added that the reason why he feels disillusioned about unions is because they didn’t do anything for him as they’ve ‘become corrupt scams.’

Shortly after that, a fan advised Crosby to open a history book and understand why we need unions so much. David Crosby replied to this by saying that he knows the history and that he doesn’t deny that at some point we really needed them and that’s why they were established. However, ‘then they slowly became corrupt and largely controlled by very bad people‘ which is why he doesn’t support them anymore.

Here’s what a fan said:

“Maybe unions would be more important to you if you hadn’t hit the lottery in your 20s.”

To which Crosby responded:

“Been in a union the whole time… it has never done one damned thing for me or any musician I know of. Unions have become corrupt scams, they were a good idea when they started…”

And another fan commented:

“I’m begging David Crosby to read pretty much any history from the last 100 years.”

David Crosby replied:

“I know the history. We needed unions really badly. Then they slowly became corrupt and largely controlled by very bad people. That’s what happened.”

You can check out the tweets below.