David Crosby, the founding member and co-lead vocalist of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Byrds, recently a follower’s question considering the latest news of Neil Young selling 50% of the worldwide copyright and publishing rights of his 1,180 song catalog.

As you may recall, David Crosby had made it to the headlines with his approach to Bob Dylan and other musicians’ move to sell the publishing rights of their records as they cannot perform live and thus earn an income with their music. Crosby had received a lot of questions about this matter which he responded to in the most sincere way possible but still received criticism.

All the conversations about record selling took place approximately a month ago and got very heated. Crosby has been responding to his followers’ questions about Bob Dylan selling his records as Crosby has been selling his records too. He had previously stated that the record company stole his streaming money and that he has been forcibly retired.

This conversation was reheated after people received the news that Neil Young has been selling his publishing rights as well. Once again, Crosby sided with the musician and said that under the current circumstances, there’s nothing else they can do because they have responsibilities, such as providing for their families, and since there is no other way they can earn money, they are forced to sell the only thing they have, their music records.

Here’s what a follower asked Crosby while attaching a news article which said that Neil Young sold half of publishing rights to his entire song catalog:

“Hey, David Crosby, curious what you think about this?”

To which Crosby responded:

” I would assume it’s roughly the same as me… Hes bigger but we both cant work and we both have responsibilities we take seriously… families.”

Then another user asked:

Same with Dylan?

To which Crosby replied:

“I believe so.”

You can check out Crosby’s tweets below.