The founding member of Byrds and Crosby and Stills & Nash, currently working as a solo on his career, David Crosby, made a question and answer session on his official account to respond wondered questions of his fans on Twitter.

After answering lots of questions of the fans from his choice of best protest song of these times to his favorite punk rock band, a fan of Crosby named Richard Halpert sarcastically asked if David’s Twitter account has been hacked by someone.

Interestingly, David’s fan has mentioned a year-old tweet, however, Crosby has seen the tweet of the fan and answered the question by simply saying ‘No.’

Here is the tweet that David Crosby has sent a year ago:

“The reason I feel I have to remove the spiteful baby man from the office is simple.
I have children.
They deserve a government.
Of the people.
By the people.
For the people.
And clean air, clean water .and a planet that still can support.
Life would be good too.”

A Twitter user named Richard Halpert asked:

“David, was your account hacked by that kid in Florida?”

David Crosby responded:


You can check out these tweets below.