The legendary lead vocalist and also a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby, took to his official Twitter account to give answer some quick questions of the fans. This time, David shares who to listen before getting in his bed.

After a fan named Brian asked if David hang out much with Frank Zappa, David took to his official Twitter account and admitted that he did not have much time with Frank. However, he admitted that he liked him.

After having the answer, yet another Twitter follower of Crosby named Lioness responded to him and asked someone to listen before she went to sleep. David Crosby responded by mentioning the late American jazz trumpeter and also composer, Miles Dewey Davis III.

Here is what the fan named Lionness said:

“What should I listen to before bed?”

Here is what David Crosby said as a response:

“Some Miles before bed would be good.”

You can check out the tweet and one of the best albums of Miles Davis below.