Widely known for being the founding member for both the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, along with his solo career, David Crosby shared a post on his official Twitter account revealing his opinion about whether Eric Clapton, one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time, is the best living guitarist currently or not.

As you may already know, David Crosby has an official Twitter page, alongside him being vocal about politics because of the current environment in the U.S., is basically a whole time Q&A session with his fans whether it’s about music, politics, or even a basic conversation about how he’s doing.

David Crosby is brutally honest and genuine when it comes to answering his fans’ questions and he seems to care about them since fans are thrilled to see him taking his time to answer each of his fans’ questions.

Recently, David Crosby replied to another fan’s question on his official Twitter page opening up about what he actually thinks about the legendary Eric Clapton. Crosby stated that while Clapton is one of the bests, there are also other astounding guitarists alongside him.

Her is what the fan said:

“Would you say Clapton is the best LIVING guitarist today??”

Here is how Crosby replied:

One of anyway …there are some startling guitarists out there.”

You can see the Twitter post right below.