The founding member and co-lead vocalist of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby has slammed one of his followers, who threatened him to support Donald Trump or to say ‘adios’ to his career, by admitting the tweet made his night.

One of the most interactive rock veterans on social media, David Crosby, has recently amused his fans a lot while responding to his follower, who described himself as hetero alfa male and Trump supporter in his bio.

Known for his anti-Trump stance on all social media platforms, David Crosby was threatened by a fan who called Crosby ‘turkey‘ since he is against Donald Trump. The follower ordered Crosby to start supporting Trump. If not, he’ll not listen to any of Crosby’s records, he said.

The mad fan asked David Crosby to acknowledge Trump’s triumph in the presidential election of the US. Or else, he will have to say ‘adeos’ to his career, the fan said. Instead of ignoring the tweet, David Crosby answered his follower by saying his statement is wonderful and the spelling alone made his night.

The musician responded to poke fun at the situation and said that his career must be ruined now while asking what shall he do about it. Another fan of Crosby has contributed to the comedy by saying it’s time to say ‘adeos’ to his career, then.

Here’s what the follower of Crosby said in his threat:

“Now you’re the turkey!!! Start supporting president or I will not listen to your records anymore!!! And many Trump supporters will boycot you so start supporting Trump and acknowledge his win or else say adeos to your career!!!

Crosby reacted as:

“This is wonderful… The spelling alone made my night… Oh gosh… My career is ruined… What shall I do… Love it… I love it.”

Another fan of David Crosby commented as:

“Well, I guess it’s adeos David.”

David responded by saying:

So sad….”

You can see the tweets below.