David Crosby, the founding member and co-lead vocalist of the successful bands Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Byrds, recently replied to a tweet considering Bob Dylan and said that he has come to terms with the reality of the current circumstances.

As you probably remember, David Crosby has been making it to the headlines of our news with his current approach to Bob Dylan’s latest move. Crosby has been receiving questions about this matter which he has been responding to in the most sincere way possible.

You may have seen the news about Bob Dylan selling his records because he cannot perform live. This news shocked Dylan’s fans and led Crosby’s fans to question how he reacted to this decision and whether he is planning on doing the same thing.

During the past week, Crosby has been responding to these questions in support of Bob Dylan by saying that he has been selling his records too as the record company stole his streaming money and that he has been forcibly retired.

Recently, Crosby posted a news article about Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page who asked streaming companies to re-evaluate the royalty rates that are paid to musicians whose music is played or viewed on the internet. Crosby posted this article by stating that everyone should read it and that he fully supports Pages statement.

Following that, Crosby was once again asked about his views on Dylan’s move to sell all his records. Even though we, in Metalhead Zone, have already discussed this matter, the fact that famous rockstars have come to the point of selling their own records in order to provide for their families is an issue that needs to be repeated until resolved.

David Crosby responded by saying that Bob Dylan came to terms with the current reality as they do not get paid for records anymore, they cannot perform live or do anything else to earn an income from the music they produce.

Thus, the only thing they can do to earn money from their music is to ‘sell the one asset we own ourselves‘ as Crosby said, which is their songwriting. Crosby tried to stress that the only reason musicians are doing this is because they have no other way of providing for themselves or their families.

He went on to ask ‘What did you expect us to do?’ while trying to explain that Bob Dylan and other musicians’ decision to sell their records is not a personal decision but a circumstantial one.

The reason why Crosby has been responding to these questions during the past week is that he received numerous negative comments about selling his records and he has been trying to explain that it was not his first choice either. However, it is what he has to do to support his family and ensure that they lead a comfortable life.

Here’s what Crosby’s follower asked him:

“David, what do you think of Dylan’s move to sell his songwriting catalog?”

To which David Crosby responded by saying:

“I think he is just facing reality. We no longer get paid for records, we can not play live, so we sell the one asset we own ourselves. What did you expect us to do? We have families.”

You can check out Crosby’s tweet about Jimmy Page and his response to the question of his follower below.