The co-founder of Byrds & Crosby and Stills & Nash and also one of the famous singers of all time, David Crosby, has posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account to expose if he’s still feeling like a hipster.

After announcing that his new album is ready to go and they’ve finished the mixing session of his new album nowadays, David Crosby is quite active on social media these days and he made a quick question & answer session today to respond fans’ wandered questions.

After one of the fans named Johny Barthur has asked if he still considers himself a hippie, Crosby has posted a simple and plain answer and exposed that he still thinks that he’s a hipster.

Here is what Johny asked:

“Hey, David! Hope you and Jan are both well. Question please – Do you still consider yourself a hippy? I still do myself. Best regards!

David Crosby responded:

“Yes, I do.”

You can check out the tweet below.