David Crosby, the iconic vocalist and founding member of The Byrds, has revealed if he thinks the rock veteran and conservative political activist, Ted Nugent, is a musician or a bastard while answering his fan’s question on Twitter.

As you know, Crosby has been one of the most outspoken and transparent musicians on social media. Through Q&A sessions on Twitter, he has been satisfying his fans’ curiosity about his thoughts, beliefs, and relations for a while now.

Lately, during these sessions again, David Crosby has displayed that he’s a feverish anti-Trump. While one of his followers said he thinks Trump doesn’t like ‘The Muppets,’ Crosby replied by saying he doesn’t think Donald Trump likes any animals at all.

Most recently, he has taken Twitter to respond to a question about Ted Nugent, who is renowned as one of the most devoted supporters of Donald Trump and the Conservative Party.

When a fan of Crosby, whose name is Connor, said he knows Nugent is a bastard but he wonders if David Crosby rates him as a musician, he answered that Ted Nugent stinks as a musician, as well.

Here is what the fan of Crosby asked him on Twitter:

“Hey Mr. Crosby, Ted Nugent is a complete bastard but do you rate him as a musician?”

David Crosby responded as:

He stinks as a musician.”

You can see the tweets below.